Hi, my name is Antonis Tzanidakis

I am a mixed media artist from Greece.
I dived into the mixed media art process three years ago. It was not planned, it was just a hobby, but very soon it became my life! I have spent hours and hours exploring my art, always wanting to go a step further, always wanted to play a little bit more! It soon became my passion, my obsession, the secret place of finding myself!
I created a Facebook page “Handmade Fantasy”, and experienced the love and acceptance from users throughout the globe. At this point, I realized how good I was in what I was doing and that this page was just a beginning - I could not stop!
I have now committed to make the Fantasy Around the World a global project, recognized and shared by all my fellow artists and people who love art!
One day a friend of mine asked me if I want to teach people, to teach people of my way to create and that was my beginning doing workshops under name Handmade Fantasy. I started from Lefkada Island,the place I was living at that moment ,and day by day, month by month,people around Greece started asking me to organize workshops at their shops. Very soon messages came from other countries,so my dream almost came true.. From the beginning I had idea to start website like this, so that people from every corner of the World can see how I work, without losing time in travel and spending much money. That’s how I got to this and now all of you can visit my place called handmadefantasyworld.com.

So a lot of things gonna happen inside here, I have many ideas.

Be in touch!
Thank you